Adventure Jobs

USA Summer Camp has over 1,000s of exciting Sports and Adventure Jobs on offer at famous American summer camps. Work and coach at your own convenient sport, such as Golf, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Skiing, Swimming, Beach volleyball, Beach soccer and more. You will be surrounded by adventure and fun while at the same time making friendships. Jobs sampleIn the Adventure jobs section you can apply for jobs that require experience working with a variety of people - from supervisors to assistants, from managers to groundskeepers, from teachers to camp counselors. You may have to complete a skills test to be eligible. Camp counselors are a popular position. This exciting entry-level position enables campers to help create a safe and healthy experience for kids. Camp counselors are responsible for instructing young children in academic and physical activities, as well as nurturing and supporting their friendships with other campers. Camp counselors are an integral part of every day care, daycare centers, sports camps and other organization that utilize children. Your knowledge and experience in this field will make you valuable in the competitive job market.


USA Camp Counselors' Council is the professional association that represents more than 85,000 full-time camp counselors nationwide. If you're looking for adventure jobs worldwide, then Alaska might be the right place to find one. Alaska is a fabulous state with many scenic areas. It's a natural paradise and home to many wildlife species. It's also perfect for exploring many different kinds of adventure. Adventure sampleMany camp jobs are based in Alaska's wilderness regions. The state is home to many wildlife species including the brown bear, the polar bear and the Arctic fox. Wilderness areas provide the ideal setting for outdoor adventure. These positions aren't just for those who love the great outdoors. They're also for people who know how to preserve the wilderness so future generations can enjoy it as well. If you're looking for summer jobs in Alaska, then you can start by checking out the many available seasonal jobs. Alaska is a fabulous place to work in outdoor adventure jobs.


For example, guide jobs are available at remote guide services that take clients to the most remote locations in the area. These guides can also help individuals plan trips and recommend accommodations. Guide services have plentiful employment opportunities and excellent pay. Fishing is another popular activity in Alaska. Salmon fishing guides are an important part of Alaskan fishing organizations. Jobs imageYou can be an Alaska fishing guide to full time if you want or you can work as an employee for a local corporation that specializes in wilderness operations and tours. You can work in any capacity - from a full-time guide to an entry level position. This type of position is good for those who want to experience an adventure in the wilderness but don't want to go it alone. Fishing companies in Alaska also offer jobs for those interested in more adventurous adventures. If you love the great outdoors, then consider becoming a wilderness guide or safety instructor. Your responsibilities will include helping visitors explore and find their way through a wilderness location. You'll also assist in first aid treatments whenever needed. Those who prefer to work in a small group setting can consider taking on a job as a backpacking guide in Alaska. A backpacking guide's job doesn't require a large amount of experience, but it does call for creativity and skill. Backpacking trips involve spending time in wilderness areas, carrying supplies, and assisting travelers. Many times you'll be the sole person on your own, so your opportunities for adventure and excitement are pretty high.