Wilderness Tours

Wilderness Tours is a private whitewater kayaking/rafting and guiding center. It was established in 1975 when four people took kayaks and cruises down the stretch of rough and beautiful rapids that is now called Whitewater raft season. Wilderness pictureSince then, the Wilderness Tours has become a year-round adventure tour option for people who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. They offer many trips for both experienced rafters and first timers. If you are considering such an adventure, read on to learn more about Wilderness Tours. The most obvious highlight of any of the three Wilderness Tours is that of the river. The rapids vary from easy to difficult, and they all take at least one day to complete. Typically, you will be dropped off at your destination, put into a kayak, and set out on your way. You will meet up with other participants as well as guides who will lead you through the rapids. However, on the weekend you might find yourself paddling alone. At some Wilderness Tours you can select to paddle through a few different rapids or spend the entire weekend on the river. In either case, the experience is much more varied than could ever be on the regular weekday or weekend trips that you might find at a typical resort. For instance, on the weekends there is often a special class of rapids that are less dangerous - especially for beginners - and allows participants to focus on something more along the lines of white water rafting. Tours re-creationThe adventures on wilderness tours do not end after the river. Often, participants are taken to a beautiful natural hot spring where they can relax and enjoy the warm waters. There is usually an awesome view of the river from the foot of the falls. (This is not usually the case on the regular Ottawa River trips, unless there are rapids within sight.) Other wilderness tours include trips out to see some beautiful, undeveloped territory. If you have never been to the interior of Ontario (or even though Ontario), you owe it to yourself to take a trip out to this beautiful land. In fact, if you have never been here before, you should consider making a trip out to the Canadian Shield region on your first time backpacking trip. The first thing that you will notice is that there is a wide variety of terrain: mountains, swamps, lakes, rivers, etc... and everything in between. This area has more lakes than any other region in Canada, which means that there is always plenty of opportunity to go rafting, kayaking, or simply enjoying the fresh water that is running free! In fact, in many of the aforementioned places you can also enjoy the wildlife that is abundant in the area. Of course, no outdoor adventure resort is complete without offering some sort of cabin rental to the weary. Wilderness graphicCabin rentals are one of the main highlights of any wilderness tours, especially the ones that feature the beautiful rolling hills of the Canadian Shield. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting new activity, there is sure to be a cabin rental for you out there in the wilderness. It is easy to see why these sorts of adventures are so popular among tourists. For one thing, they offer a chance to view the amazing sights of the Canadian Shield and the rest of the wilderness that is hidden from the masses. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to see the best that Canada has to offer without having to concern themselves with difficult weather conditions or transportation issues. With all of these benefits, you owe it to yourself to book some wilderness tours and experience the wonder and beauty that can be found in our friendly Canadian provinces. The best part about back country wilderness tours is the experience that you get from kayaking in Canada. Unlike many other types of tours, kayaking in Canada is an activity that many people find to be a once in a lifetime adventure. This is because the water is loaded with life; many types of wildlife such as bear, wolves, eagles and more can be seen basking in the sun on the water. For people who have made the commitment to paddle along the many rivers and streams that run through our country, it is important to take a wilderness river kayaking trip. Not only will you see some of the most amazing scenery imaginable but you will also meet some of our nation's best wildlife as well.